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Surging UK population set to secure UK property prices?

The UK’s population dynamics stands in stark contrast to that of South Africa. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the UK population is set to hit 70m from the current 62.3m in 16 years. This is a growth … Continue reading

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How to migrate South Africa’s population from lower quality to better quality housing?

With sub-saharan populations set to explode over the next 40 years, how does South Africa’s growth prospects compare? South Africa’s population is forecast to stagnate at around the current popluation of 50-55m. If property prices are partly a function of … Continue reading

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Can Generation Y save South Africa’s property market?

Much has been written by Kenneth Gronbach in his book “The Age Curve” about the Baby Boomer generation in America and its massive impact on the consumer and housing market. The Baby Boomer generation consists of all babies born after … Continue reading

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UK hedge fund highlights demographic challenge facing South Africa

An article by a London hedge fund partner was published yesterday by Moneyweb entitled “UK hedge fund predicts SA ‘blow-up’”. Savvas Savouri, Chief economist and partner of Toscafund, one of the UK’s most high-profile hedge funds, said that “South Africa … Continue reading

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How does South African forecast population growth differ to other countries?

Fig 1: Forecast population growth by country to 2050 With South Africa at the top of an s-shaped population curve, how does this compare to forecast populations in other countries? The United Nations World Population Prospects predicts very different demographic … Continue reading

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Population explosion no more!

Research recently released by the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) points to declining population numbers in South Africa after 2030. This is an even more severe estimate than the UN prediction. SAIRR are predicting a population of a … Continue reading

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It is time for South Africans to sell their property?

What do you do if you have properties in SA and are facing a low growth future? Is this you? Have you considered that prices will not rise like they did in the past? If you haven’t considered this, then … Continue reading

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How will South African demographics impact future South African House Prices?

There is not likely to be much real property price growth in South Africa in the next 40 years. Why? Because the population explosion for South Africa has already happened. Take a look at the figures below: SA population aged … Continue reading

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How will South African demographic trends affect future South African House Prices?

South African demographics reflects a very strange and intriguing future and it is very important to understand this if you are a property investor. Why? Demographics plays a very important role in determining house prices in South Africa and world … Continue reading

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