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House prices tumble 23% in dollar terms

Dollar wealth of property investors continues to erode in South Africa. In dollar terms, the value of house prices in South Africa has declined by 23% over the past 4 years. This is driven by a 64% Rand devaluation v … Continue reading

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South African property prices drop almost 30% … for expats

If you are an expat, you might have noticed that SA house prices have become a lot cheaper lately – in fact about 30% cheaper! Since the FIFA World Cup in 2010, South African property prices have become almost 30% … Continue reading

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South African house prices take a battering in dollar terms

So we have been hearing all the good news recently. The broad message? The property market is steadily recovering. Experts have pointed to house price growth in 2013 at 9.92%. This after an almost zero growth 2011 and 2012 was welcome news … Continue reading

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House prices continue to beat inflation, but can this continue?

House prices in South Africa continue to grow strongly in the first quarter of 2014, keeping up the good momentum after a very strong 9.92% growth in 2013. In the first three months of the year (Jan-Mar), YoY growth was 8.65%, 8.46% … Continue reading

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House prices grow at the fastest rate in 6 years!

At the end of 2013, South African home owners and property investors were rewarded with the biggest annual house price growth in 6 years. Average house prices as recorded by ABSA grew by 9.92% (rounded up its 10%) in 2013 … Continue reading

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South Africans become poorer, as house prices scramble to keep up

In the last two years South Africans have become poorer in global terms. In 2012 the Rand was worth 13.2% less than the year before and so far this year it is worth 14.5% less again (v the USD). Have … Continue reading

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Inflation – how will this impact property investors?

Population expansion, increases in consumption and limited resources are coming together along with climate change to pressure the world – this is likely to lead to more turbulence, currency wars, high inflation and a general erosion of living for almost … Continue reading

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Steady house price growth in 2013

The long run of month on month house price growth continues. South Africa has now enjoyed a full 12 months of incremental month on month house price growth. In nominal terms houses are more expensive than they have ever been … Continue reading

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House price falls gather momentum – real prices fall fastest since July 2008

South African house prices have now had SEVEN months of consecutive falls (both in nominal and REAL terms). Real house prices are falling faster than nominal prices as CPI continues to remain above 6%. In March 2012 real house prices … Continue reading

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2011 house price growth = 2.19%. Prediction winners announced!

ABSA released its December 2011 house prices on 12 Jan, and 2011 SA house price growth has now been confirmed at a pedestrian 2.19%. House prices just managed to creep up in 2011 despite all the economic challenges. However don’t forget that this … Continue reading

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Have your say: Last chance to predict 2011 house price growth!

South African house prices slowed dramatically in October, scarcely growing at all versus September and growing at a mere 2.06% year to date v 2010. With only two months of data left to go in 2011, nominal house prices look … Continue reading

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Surging UK population set to secure UK property prices?

The UK’s population dynamics stands in stark contrast to that of South Africa. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the UK population is set to hit 70m from the current 62.3m in 16 years. This is a growth … Continue reading

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Are you gathering your investment war-chest…

…OR are you scrambling to keep your head above water? If you are struggling right now because of property commitments then guess what? You bought at the wrong price. Your pain is merely a reflection of your own lack of … Continue reading

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Are you helping to drive down house prices?

Are you personally helping to slow the economy? With SA annual nominal house price growth for 2011 at a paltry 1.78% year to date and looking like ending the year at the lowest annual growth since 1986 (with the exception … Continue reading

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How to migrate South Africa’s population from lower quality to better quality housing?

With sub-saharan populations set to explode over the next 40 years, how does South Africa’s growth prospects compare? South Africa’s population is forecast to stagnate at around the current popluation of 50-55m. If property prices are partly a function of … Continue reading

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